20-year-old Nathan Ginero is a singer from The Netherlands whose passion from music
came from the simple fact that he wanted freedom and creative independence plus, like
many kids, he didn’t like the fact that for you to be successful you had to study for years.
But he loved the thought of independence, the thought of being his own boss and making
his own rules. 
Although Nathan followed the path of becoming involved with music at an early age, his
career as a singer did not start until 2017, the year Nathan started experimenting with
different music genres, the year he truly started trusting his craft and believing he could do
something different from everyone else doing music. By now Nathan has written dozens of
songs and produced numerous tracks. He states his main influences are the women in his
life, he says he writes about women because he learns the most from them, they are the
only thing that really matters. His debut album is set to be released in early March 2019.

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