Nathan Ginero

Artist / Producer

Nathan Ginero


21-year old Nathan Ginero is a singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist from The Netherlands working with Apsu Agency, Nathan got full acces to a professional studio and personal coaching. Nathan’s passion from music came from the simple fact that entertainment was a huge part in his family growing up. His granddad played as guitarist in a band and his father organized festivals and had his own Suriname radio stations. 

Nathan always knew he wanted to make a living out of his talents since he developed his sound and work ethic. Although Nathan followed the path of becoming involved with FL Studio at an early age, introduced through his friend and also DJ & producer Ruben Steell, his career as a singer did not start until 2017. That year Nathan really started trusting his craft and believing he could do something different from everyone else doing music. By now Nathan has written dozens of songs and produced numerous tracks. He states his main influences are women and just his overall lifestyle. About the women though he says he writes about women because he learns the most from them and are true rulers of the world. 

Nathan Ginero Ft. Qihbad



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