Qihbad, aka Q, is a Belgian singer and videographer with a recent history in music.
Born to an Indonesian-Pakistani family, Q thanks his diverse roots for the influences it
brought him musically.
Q’s story starts in Pakistan where he studied for 11 years until he moved back to
Belgium. In late 2015, he was set to go to college in London to study Bio-Engineering
but something didn’t feel right, he wanted something more challenging and that involved
creativity. He decided to stay in Belgium and study acting. Q got so interested in film he
eventually moved to Amsterdam to study it. At the same time Q started to gain some
curiosity in the music industry and what his vocal abilities had to offer. But he didn’t take
it seriously until he met Nathan, at a party he was working on as a photographer.
A week later Nathan invited him to go to the studio and it quickly became a habit.
Q’s career is only in the beginning but without him there would be no XYZ.

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